A project about becoming an active citizen for any person with disability from a multicultural background, their family and carers!

It is a project that will provide information and develop skills on how to understand and better engage in community and social issues on a local or national level. In order for the system to be democratic, people with disability from diverse backgrounds need to be actively engaged in contributing to policy making. The project will run for three years and build on the knowledge and skills of past and present participants.

Come and learn in a safe and accessible space. Feel included and valued, develop confidence to express yourself, your opinions and share your knowledge.

We provide free and accessible workshops to increase your citizen power!

Activities include:

  •  Community consultation on topics you want to learn more about
  •  Learning with each other
  •  Sharing stories
  •  Workshops and information sessions on different topics

Aims of the Project:

  • Engage in community and social issues
  • Discus s important issues that matter
  • Learn to be a responsible citizen
  • Learning about the levels of government and how politicians can help the community, human rights, inclusion, making informed  choices, our rights, and so much more

To participate, call the MDAA office for further information.

Active Citizens Flier

Active Citizens Activity Report