Walee’s Story

Walee Mir tells about his world in his poem “I Will survive”.

I Will Survive

Will I survive all the fights and darkness trouble sparks,
and tell me if home is where the heart is getting party,
I shed tattoo tears and couldn’t sleep good for multiple years,
witnessing kids catching gunshots and nobody cares,
see the politicians rant us,
I’d rather see us locked in change,
please explain why they can’t stand us,
is there a way for me to change,
or am I just a victim of things I didn’t maintain,
I need a place to rest my head with a little bit of home boys that remain,
cause all the rest are dead,
is there a spot for us to roll,
if you find it I’ll be right behind you and show me and I’ll go,
how can I be peaceful from coming from the bottom watch my daddy peace while man shot,
I need a house that’s full of love where I can escape the deadly places sellin’ drugs.

Walee Mir

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