EnCOMPASS Connector Project

The EnCOMPASS Connector Project helps and supports aged people to:

  • live independently and improve their wellbeing
  • get access to My Aged Care services
  • have productive lives through fun and enjoyble social activities

The EnCOMPASS Connectors project at MDAA;
focuses on aged people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)/non-English speaking (NES) background who live in Western Sydney

An EnCOMPASS Connector can support you to:

  • access and apply for My Aged Care services
  • choose My Aged Care services according to your needs
  • support you with an interpreter who speaks your language
  • advocate on your behalf about any issues related to My Aged Care
  • refer and connect you to other services that can help you improve your lifestyle and wellbeing

The EnCOMPASS Aged Care Connector project is a FREE service.
Please call our connnector staff on 02 9891 6400 or 1800 629 072 for assistance