MDAA has produced a range of resources in the areas of ethnic diversity and disability.

  • Ethnicity and Disability – a mix of publications, research and other resources on different ethnic communities, disability in a cultural and religious context, cultural competence issues and more. Also keep an eye out for our Clearinghouse.
  • Ethnicity & Disability Factbook – a resource book and starting point for human services wanting to know more about the culture and religion of their consumers and wanting to provide a better, more culturally competent service.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – a list of the most frequently asked questions MDAA responds to about disability and ethnicity. Students also please check our Student Questions.
  • Information in Community Languages – information about MDAA and about disability in a range of different community languages as printed documents and audio files.
  • Less Talk, More Action documents some of the commonly held myths and stereotypes surrounding people from NESB with disability.
  • MDAA Newsletters – the bulletins and newsletters produced by MDAA.
  • MDAA Publications, submissions and conference papers