Julia Finn MP visits MDAA Granville 29 May 2017

Julia Finn MP with MDAA staff, volunteers and Governance Committee

Ms Julia Finn MP, member for Granville, was invited to MDAA Granville to discuss the concerns about the future of advocacy. Present on the day were MDAA staff, Governance Committee members and Community Voices participants. The management team raised concerns regarding advocacy.

They mentioned the significant contribution of Systemic Advocacy to people with disability (PWD) and the state of NSW, as well as the important support provided to PWD, their families and carers by our Individual Advocacy Program. A concern was raised by PWD at the meeting that the NDIS will not cover many PWD after its full rollout. Those who have received their packages will not be covered by advocacy if they have issues with domestic violence, Justice Department, Housing or Immigration. Ms Finn took notice of the points raised and promised to follow up with other decision makers.

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