Building Cultural Competence Capacity of NSW Disability Services Sector

In mid 2006 MDAA Inc. received funding from DADHC until June 2008 to provide support to the disability services sector in developing its cultural competence. We have been working to put together a range of approaches and we are now ready to introduce them.

Making Links

We will be working with three disability services over 18 months to demonstrate through a range of projects how reciprocal relationships between disability services and ethnic community organisations can be established and maintained. The aim is for disability services to enhance their expertise in cultural competence over time and for the ethnic community organisations to increase their skills and knowledge in disability to be able to filter that through to their communities.

Building Cultural Competence Capacity in Early Intervention and Respite Services

Throughout 2007 and 2008 we will be working with two groups of people from the two service types (early intervention and respite) to identify how these services can operate more culturally competently, develop a range of standards and resources and plans for further action.

Diversity Management Leadership Program

Be challenged and position yourself and your agency at the centre of some of the key challenges facing all of us in the 21st century.

The program offers an opportunity for you to further develop your skills, knowledge and competence and confidence in managing diverse working environments using cultural competency concepts, principles and ideas. You will enhance your cultural competence as a manager or program coordinator and lead your agency and team towards greater cultural competence.

There are a total of 10 program dates set over an 8 months period. You can expect to read some of the latest academic and non-academic work in diversity management and cultural competence; meet people who have implemented some of the diversity management challenges; be challenged; develop and initiate a Diversity Management Plan for your agency.

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Evaluation and Research

In the light of little evaluative research about the impact of cultural competence interventions, as part of this work we are conducting research into and evaluation of the efficacy of current cultural competence initiatives conducted by us and other agencies in the human services sector.

More information on all of these projects will be available soon.