Bilpin Fruit Bowl Excursion 15 April 2017

On Easter Saturday, 15 April 2017 members of the NSW Network of Women with Disability as well as MDAA staff travelled to Bilpin Fruit Bowl in the Blue Mountains National Park to pick fruit and vegetables. MDAA booked 2 vans from Dooleys which left our Granville office at 9.00am. There were 14 people in attendance.

We arrived around 10:30am and shared in an enjoyable morning tea at a local café before walking together to the Fruit and Vegetable farm. Our harvest from the day included lemons, apples, capsicums, cherry tomatoes and cabbages.

The weather was pleasant and sunny with people enjoying the Easter Holiday. Lunch of chicken, rice and salad was shared by all. During the day, we also saw grape vines which were planted in a straight line and animals including horses and alpacas.

The buses returned to Granville at 3pm. The day was enjoyed by all. The attendees would like to return at another time in the year to pick fruit and vegetables from another season.

Shu-Hua Chan and Sarah Butler


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